Friday, November 12, 2010

When men lose a baby through abortion they grieve too

Several days ago Bob Siegel's column in The Washington Times was about a subject many people acknowledge to even exists - men and abortion. I quote:

"People love to embrace "a woman's right to choose." Does this sacred right of choice extend to men as well? Can men decide whether or not to be parents? If a guy marries in good faith, agreeing with his wife that they are going to have children together; if his wife then becomes pregnant, only to later change her mind, does he have any say whatsoever?

Is a man's right to raise offspring forever under the jurisdiction of his mate simply because he isn't carrying their baby in his own body? Think about this! They decide together to have a baby. She changes her mind. She now wants an abortion. Dad may honestly believe his own child is about to be literally killed! Doesn't matter! Regardless of any personal, moral considerations, this presupposed right to be a parent simply does not exist."
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Last night I finished a very haunting book "Redeeming A Father's Heart: Men share powerful stories of abortion loss and recovery" . The book has 10 chapters each written by different people (mostly men) about their experiences around abortion, their suffering and grief and then their healing.

I think fathers' needs are ignored by society in respect to their feelings about their lost children. We are told repeatedly that it is a woman's right to choose, but what about the father? Every child has two parents, a mother and a father. I think men deserve to have their feelings acknowledged.