Sunday, November 14, 2010

Health advice? Or just pornography?

From The Daily Mail: 

"The NHS has been slammed after a video designed to encourage youngsters to use contraception was branded pornographic by outraged parents.

But the graphic clips show a young woman having unprotected casual sex with a male in various positions while he films the trysts with a hand held camera."

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This seems to be the typical way these ad campaigns run. The sexual education crowd uses communication techniques that are increasingly pornographic, yet still STIs and unplanned pregnancy rates increase. These adverts encourage risky sexual behavior by utterly ignoring the fact that our sexual acts are also acts that have moral values attached to them. Safe sex isn't just putting on a condom and getting tested regularly for infection, it's about intimacy and a connection with someone. By making sex into just another recreational activity that needs to be done safely by wearing the appropriate gear (like wearing a helmet and pads when mountain biking or a life-jacket when boating) these campaigns lie about what sex is.

A condom won't save you from a broken heart or a feeling of being used.