Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Abuse of Ken Orr in new blog

Mine is not the only new blog, ProchoiceNZ started in October by calling Andy Moore a despicable human being, a real low life scumbag who resorts to terror tactics, seriously misguided, and probably brain-washed - and that was merely in the first paragraph. Starting as it meant to go on the latest post  shows pro-life hero Ken Orr with a photo-shopped erect penis and then goes on to hatefully abuse him. An example:

"...if I had a son that turned out like Ken I think I'd shoot myself in the head because I wouldn't be able to cope with shame and embarrassment. Unfortunately for the rest of us, Ken grew up and turned into an ****hole just like he always wanted. This decrepit old fart is like New Zealand's very own version of the Taliban..."

Mmmm... nothing like a cogent, intelligent pro-abortion argument to make the world a better place. Yup. Yup.Yup.