Monday, November 8, 2010

No Right Turn: More than unwise

No Right Turn: More than unwise

This isn't a pro-life post, but given that the Defense Forces lay down their life for our freedom I think I'll blog about it anyway. Idiot Savant of No Right Turn states in his post that the SAS had been hosting "training days" for wealthy business executives who wanted to play with guns.

The money raised by having businessmen fire off a few rounds and sipping a drink with Corporal Willie Apiata during a training day goes to the NZSAS Trust which Idiot Savant calls a "regimental slush fund". If you look for a definition of "slush fund" you can find this:

Definition of SLUSH FUND

: a fund raised from the sale of refuse to obtain small luxuries or pleasures for a warship's crew
: a fund for bribing public officials or carrying on corruptive propaganda
: an unregulated fund often used for illicit purposes

Examples of SLUSH FUND

  1. a secret slush fund for paying bribes

If you do a simple search on the Charities Commission Register you can see that the NZSAS Trust is not a fund used for illicit purposes or to bribe officials but is in fact a registered charity. The main objects of the trust are fourfold -

1. to provide welfare assistance
2. to provide support and financial assistance to maintain a reasonable quality of life
3. to provide support and financial assistance in times of crisis
4. to provide support and financial assistance for further education and vocational training

This comes from the Rules which is a supporting document on the Register website.

I think Idiot Savant has overstepped the mark here. The SAS put their lives on the line for our nation and he quibbles about an activity that puts funds into a legitimate charity that provides welfare for members of the New Zealand Special Forces community.