Monday, November 15, 2010

Maybe we should be shaming sluts

After writing about a school girl told to pull her skirt down others have spoken.

Brian Edwards weighed into the "you look like a slut" debate here. He says "So if Amethyst did indeed ‘look like a slut’ when her skirt was riding up around her thighs, the proper thing, the responsible thing, the thing that was in her best interests, was to tell her so."

Emma Hart from "Up Front" has responded to the issue with this stinging rejoinder. She said "There are no circumstances in which it is even close to appropriate for a teacher to tell a student that she looks like a slut. None. Not even if she’s wearing an “I am a massive slut” badge." Emma describes it as "slut-shaming".

The thing is... is shaming promiscuous behavior bad? Or is it actually positive? Promiscuity doesn't help people form stable, loving, committed relationships. Promiscuity leads to STIs and abortions. We shame sluts (male and female) because the behavior is bad, bad for individuals, bad for families and bad for society.

I don't think what the teacher said was appropriate, but her words pointed to an issue that we can't afford to ignore.