Monday, November 8, 2010

I decry the misuse of the word decry

On Stuff there is an article which states Pope decries gay marriage  in bold blue letters. It's actually a Reuters video with Deborah Lutterbeck reporting but Stuff states underneath the video that "Pope Benedict criticizes gay marriage during Barcelona Mass." So here I go to watch the video waiting to hear the Holy Father criticise and decry gay marriage. I watch the video and maybe I'm missing something because what the Pope actually says is this "the generous and indissoluble love of a man and a woman is the effective context and foundation of human life in its gestation, birth, growth and natural end."

Still lets be fair to Reuters and Stuff maybe there is some decrying elsewhere in his homily at the Mass. Thankfully we can read what he said here.

Have you read it? Did you find the blistering criticism of gay marriage? Neither did I.

Still perhaps I have the meaning of "decry" wrong. One definition I read said that decry meant  to express strong disapproval of and I ask you, did Benedict XVI express strong disapproval of gay marriage in his homily in Barcelona?

This is media manipulation whereby asserting the simple truth that marriage is the 'effective context' for having kids is read as a criticism of same-sex relationships. Why isn't the Pope decrying single mothers? Or divorced parents? Still putting words into the Holy Father's mouth is much more lucrative as such a sensational lede gets hits. Shame that it was untrue and smeared the Pope, but you know eggs... omelettes.