Friday, November 5, 2010


Welcome to this new blog.

This blog is going to be about life issues and how we can support and promote a culture of life and love in New Zealand. Every single person is a beloved child of God and inherently worthy of dignity and respect from the moment of conception to natural death. So often in our society there are people who are vulnerable, perhaps for example they are ill, disabled, or in poverty and society and government has a responsibility to help and support these people because everyone is important. No one should be left by the wayside and social justice applies to all people.

This blog is written from a Catholic perspective since I am Catholic, but we should be able to demonstrate social justice without recourse to specific Catholic theology. We can apply our reason to understand the concepts of prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude - these are the cardinal virtues and a positive society hinges on them. So I welcome people from other religious traditions or non-belief and I ask you to join me in promoting life.

I decided to start this blog because I was so enthused by the All For Life 2010 conference that was held in Nelson on the 29-30th of October. I met wonderful people and I have learned so much that I want to share. The message and the spirit of the conference was just so positive for women and I think we need to get the message out that the pro-life community cares about women.

We live in a society that talks about human rights a lot, yet we allow abortion effectively on demand, embryos are killed in medical procedures and in research, and we're moving towards legal euthanasia. We have a battle on our hands to protect the vulnerable and the inconvenient and if we don't then people will die. We also have a massive responsibility to help women who feel wounded by their abortion. The statistics for women who suffer a coerced abortion are appalling and I will devote posts on that later. Women are hurt terribly by abortion and they really need our love and compassion to heal.

There are links here for women who are in the position of a crisis pregnancy - there is help for you and there are practical resources for you both before birth and after. Likewise there are links for post-abortion support. If you have been wounded by abortion, please... don't suffer alone. 

And now, a shout out to all the people I met in Nelson. You are all amazing people and I felt so blessed to meet you all and listen to your wisdom. Thank you.